Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Together shirt & tasty treats

Kids fight.  Brothers and sisters fight.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is most likely lying.  People are not going to get along every single second of the day.  There will be spats. Especially, with such a mixture of personalities here.  Well, the other day Alyona & Reni were going at it every few mintues for one thing or another.  So, decided to let them put on a together shirt.  A shirt idea we saw off Pinterest or somewhere. 

They did not want to look at the camera.  Can't blame them.

They were having none of this togetherness thing.  Being next to each other was killing them.  Kind of the point.  

Reni and Alyona getting a lecture on how we should care about each other.  Yes, you'll have disagreements but this day was just out of hand.

Now, Warren was WAY too nice.  Only had this on a few minutes.  Me, I would have left it on them for at least an hour.   

Loses it's effectiveness when they all want to try it on just for fun.

And, since it's a zombie shirt, a little acting involved here.

Summer just being cute.

Reni still not to happy about this whole deal. 

Reni getting ready to sample a cookie we got the other day.  BTW, PLEASE let me know Vicky if you sell these.  Quite a few have asked!  Also, if you ship.  

Cookies got hte approval by Irina for sure.

Told them to have one.  Logan getting caught w/ 2.  

And I do believe they all gave seal of approval for taste.  I'm telling you, these cookies truly were delicious.  

Kids just got out of the pool as it's raining.  Down pour rain.  We had art class today and now going to just veg out and watch a movie.  More to come.

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  1. Stephanie: I don't usually sell my cookies; normally just do them for family & friends. I would consider selling - shipping would be fine too. I can be contacted at my e-mail address: vicsens@twc.com. I do appreciate your kind words!