Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time for a trim

Things tend to get away from us here some times.  We unfortunately are not the all matching, well kept, cleaned up bunch I once aspired for us to be.  Frankly, I'm lucky the kids put on shoes that fit.  Many times they'll grab what's by the door and be off. And yes, even caught Yana in Reni's shoes before.  So not just the younger ones.  I'll always tell them please, just don't wear something wear something dirty or full of holes.  Okay mom.  Yeh, right.  Hair is along the lines w/ clothing around here.  Originally, the girls and I were growing our hair out for the Bulgarian Reunion but right before we left, our lives were turned upside down w/ houseguest leaving that we totally forgot about the haircuts.  Finally got around to them last Friday.  And boy, were they way overdue.

This is Nik's much needed after cut.  We can see if his implants are working now.  Important for him in summer b/c they break down all the time due to corrosion.  

Summer is under there somewhere.  It was so bad, the hairdresser asked me to brush it out!  LOL.  

Irina's before cut.

We asked if we could donate the hair and the lady measured and said it wasn't long enough.  Has to be 10".  I told the lady we have a different organization that is not Locks of Love and they accept 8".  She went on to keep telling me it's 10".  We'll donate next year.  

Nik and Reni.  Reni told the lady how she wanted her hair cut.  Not down in this picture yet.  I said Reni, we could have done that at home.  URGHH!!!  She & Yana drive me nuts when it comes to hair.  Truly, hate wasting money if you're just going to get a straight up trim.  I'll know better next time.  Still, it needed trimming so no harm done.  Just when you shell out over a $100 for haircuts, you actually want them to get their hair cut!

Little One w/ her new do, helping find another new do for me.  That's what her and Alyona were doing.  

Summer and Alyona showing off their new styles and quite pleased with them I might add.

And the new Irina front view.

New Irina side view.  Much needed cut for sure and looks good.

I'd say Summer is still pretty pleased with that haircut.  I got one as well.  Got it all whacked off!  Great haircuts for summer.  Only snafu was when they entered houseguest's name and came out on the computer screen waiting room.  They thought we said her name and not Alyona's.  Easy mistake but got the kids to thinking about her again.  Hard not to to be honest.  Anyhow, we got our haircuts and were ready to go.  

We have portraits this weekend.  Our first family portrait in years.  I won a photo shoot and will definitely tell you all about the place after we go this weekend.  We're actually shooting on a location.  Something I've never done before.  My kids will be the ones pushing each other in the water.  Should be a lovely shot.  I can only imagine getting all 13 of us to smile.  When we had the 9 of us, if we got at least 7 to smile, we'd count it as good and accept the picture.  True.  See what we can do this weekend with it.  And, we'll have another person coming to stay with us.  Adult, so no ideas please.  No, this gentleman is a soccer player and is coming to teach the boys some tricks and things and to visit.  Very cool.  So, planning on going to the portraits and then to a park to do some soccer.  Never dull here, is it?  Hence the name Chaos Manor will live on.  More tomorrow.  I have a horrible, horrible sinus headache and what appears to be a chest cold in the middle of summer.  URGHH!!  I can not, can not get sick w/ Bojan going to surgery next week.  We all need to be well. 

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