Monday, July 22, 2013

Thoughtful Friends

When we go places on trips, most the time we meet people.  My kids meet people all the time.  They're people magnets, I swear.  Sometimes you wonder, will it hurt them to make friends on quick trips?  I can emphatically say no.  The friendships far afar are awesome.  Gives kids a chance to write and learn how to socialize from a distance as well.  Whether we meet them from the campgrounds we go to or various camps.  Well, we go to Cue Camp every year.  We all it Deaf Camp but it is officially Cue Camp.  Anyhow, we have gone every single year since Nik came home and have truly benefitted in more ways than one.  The friendships alone are just golden.  Well, Bojan had made quite a few friends he kept in touch with.  One of them even sent him a present.

Bojan was shocked there was a present for him.

Definitely not the fastest box opener we have in this house.  He and Summer drive us all crazy at Christmas time.  

And still not opened yet. LOL.  

 Bojan reading a card from who it is from.

Very cool present.  It was a 3-D puzzle sent by 2 friends from Deaf Camp.  It was to give him something to do after surgery.  Just thought it was very sweet of them to think of him.  Really was.  His surgery is in 8 days.  Thanks to Zoe for thinking of Bojan and hoping to keep his spirits up.  Very glad for all our short trips and long lasting friends!

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