Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Teasing, toothless, and tasty

Odd title but lots of little stuff.  I have tons of pictures to catch up on and happenings so be prepared for a bunch of posts. 

Logan is still under the mentality that women are subpar to men in ANY circumstance.  Drives us all insane.  And sometimes, well, you just need to learn a lesson.  Logan kept teasing and teasing Yana.  She said do  I have permission to take him down.  After way too much teasing and pestering from Logan, I said absolutely.  So, she has him in a head lock.  We said you need to say mercy and you can get up.  He said never!  LOL.  Yes, eventually he did.  And no, he's not hurt at all...just the ego.

Guess who lost her first tooth?!  This was during the middle of the night on our long RV ride home.  We never did find that tooth.  Probably got vacuumed up.  

She was super duper proud of her lost tooth.

We had cupcakes for the fourth of July amongst many other things.  I was going to get creative but alas, I'm just not Martha Stewart and do not have enough time in the day.  So, simple it was.

A closer look.  They were good.  Make Duncan Hines cake mixes but we make our own homemade icing.  Rich but good.  Kids won't let me ever buy store bought icing any more.  

More posts on the way but tomorrow. 

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