Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Vacation part 9 (interesting day)

My camera had disappeared and we'd hoped we had landed at another honest campground.  Honestly, thus far I've only been to honest campgrounds.  Shoot, the KOA in WVA called while we were in the RV to let us know they found Max's keys and were going to send them to our home address.  So, it was Tuesday and we decided to spend all day at the campgrounds and hang out and go to the Parthenon and water park on Wednesday instead.

 Again, why can't they do this at home too?!  Reni made sure Nik had plenty of sunscreen on, especially his ears.  If his ears get really burned, he can't wear the implants.  She knows this.  Reni was helping Nik get ready to go out.   Irina helped Little One at the pool get her life vest on.

Nik was swimming and in his element.

Bojan was in pain.  He truly can't wait for his amputation surgery.

I believe Alyona was tattling on Summer here but not sure.

 I do believe Summer was getting tired.

Yana snuck up on Alyona to throw her in the pool.

Max and Bojan goofing around.

Summer, learning to swim again.  For those that don't know, c-ACC kids have a very difficult time w/ things that require right/ left.  Big accomplishment for her!

Alyona will a beach ball about as big as she is.  

More on the day in another post along with what went right/ what went wrong.

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