Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Vacation part 8A (hanging out campground style)

After a fantastic dinner just a walk away, we headed back to the camp grounds to check it out a bit more.  Love being able to just let the kids go hang out. 

Little One trying her hand at chess.

Checking out the pool there. In the background is where the live band plays every night.  VERY cool to listen to music while you swim or play.  Just very relaxing atmosphere for sure.

Nik, can only catch him running as he's always in motion.

Nik on the tire swing.

Nik and Logan using the backhoes.  This was actually kind of neat.  

Reni hanging around the trapeeze.

Summer really enjoying herself.  Was starting to get dark.

I love how the kids are always helping each other on these trips.  they don't think twice about encouraging one another.  Why on earth can't they do it at home?!  We had such a great time that evening. Talked to a lot of people.  In doing so, totally left my camera on a picnic table. Could not find it when we went back that evening.  Nor the next morning.  Asked the office.  Stay tuned for more and why we had to depart early.  Never dull with Chaos Manor on the Road.