Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer Vacation part 10 (Big news/ having to go home??)

Gosh, more of the day.  Guess I should get back to it.

Alyona, playing ping pong with Reni.  

Summer enjoying putting discs in.  These are the two colors she's been working on at home and at speech.

Logan and Nik played the Wii forever.  Yana and Bojan picking out songs in the background.  Either Bojan or Max.  Can't tell from here.

Alex and Warren battling it out.  Again, great area to play in and all included.

This was the road we were on.  Notice the big buses and RV's.  Customized and all.  Some even light up underneath at night.  We looked like the Clampetts coming to town with our RV in these sites.  

Kids and I loved the bus on the end.  Hard to see but it's in the left side.  Guy is watching tv outside.  All these buses/ rv's were super duper clean.  I mean like not even a bug on them!  Warren was wondering how the heck they do that.  The bus in front even had a car behind it w/ the same custom paint job.  These people are serious rv'ers.  

Summer, just being Summer.  Always smiling.  Notice,she has all her teeth here.

Max was not happy we wouldn't let him play basketball or do certain other things.  Remember, he just had surgery not too long ago.  He's not supposed to do that much and was supposed to have his sling on.  URGHH!!!  Teens.

Okay, so things seemed to be going well, right?  Yes, they were.  Until Bojan came up to us at the pool and told us he had a visit from the campground people who told him we have to move.  What?!  We thought must be some sort of misunderstanding.  So, went back to the office to figure out what happened.  The story of why and how we had to go home early in a post of it's own.  Too tired to finish this tonight folks.  I will tell you earlier that day, we had received news that Houseguest was coming back home.  To say we were elated was an understatement yet did not tell the kids.  It was a crazy 24 hours to say the least.  More to this story coming up! 


  1. Arghhhh.. You left me hanging! Lol

  2. It drives me crazy when people approach a child rather than searching out a parent with an issue, no matter how small. Even though your older kids seem very responsible, it is inappropriate for the KOA people to talk to Bojan about anything.

    Sorry, that part really bothered me.