Monday, July 15, 2013

Soap from a goat??

Yes, I thought the same thing too originally.  I thought I'd do a few posts on some of the things I enjoy or we enjoy around here.  And no, I don't get compensated for any of the posts I'm doing or anything whatsoever I'm saying.  Trust me on that one.  These are my opinions & if you've read here long enough, you know I have plenty of opinions.  So, here goes.  A few years ago I heard of a company called Goat Milk Stuff.  Weird name is the first thing that came to mind but figured eh, this person seemed pleased and really trying something just once really won't kill anyone.  So, gave it a shot.  A few years later, I'm hooked!  And let me tell you why I'm so dog gone hooked.

One thing that truly stands out about this company is just how fast they turn around an order.  If ALL businesses would do this, there would be many, many happy customers out there.  Order arrives all neatly packed too.  Definitely can tell my kids didn't do it.  LOL.  Love that each soap comes in its individual case so you can identify it.  

This is one of my favorite products of all and let me tell you why.  I'm one of those people cursed w/ very dry skin, especially on my feet.  Flip flops in summer time are not my friend.  Alligators would have softer skin.  This is a foot scrub.  I should have taken what it looks like after it is all worn down after use.  This is a new bar.   A peppermint foot scrubby.   Now, being the tightwad frugal person I am, I decided, just lotion would work and I don't really need this.  Totally wrong thinking and my feet were awful.  Definitely one of those before pictures you'd see w/ cracked heel ads.  I never knew the difference this really made till I stopped using it.  And btw, it lasts a long time.

Obviously, their soaps are their specialty.   When you use them, you'll be able to clearly tell why.  Skin problems are NO problems with their soaps. 

 They look and smell so yummy.  Truly wished I had gotten better pictures. 

The top part has wonderful infused scents.  LOVE the different scents they have.  Though lavender, rosemary spearmint, and black raspberry are my favorites.  Just makes your shower so much more enjoyable to smell so good.  

Now, GMS makes other products.  Lots of other products.  Wish I could try a few more.  And, eventually, I will.  Look at the quality of this handmade washcloth!  Now, I know you all are saying but I can get it cheaper at Wally World or Target.  Well, you could.  True.  BUT, I guarantee you it will fall apart.  How do I know?  Because I did this too.  The ONLY wash rag I have left out of ALL 20 some that are not in ragged shreds, discolored or trashed are the two I bought from Goat Milk Stuff!  I was so impressed with that quality, I just bought another wash rag this go around.  Soft, durable, beautiful, etc.  Love them!  

Before making my own laundry soap, I bought the GMS powered detergent.  It was awesome.  Pricey until I realized it only took a tablespoon of the detergent per load.  It went really far.  Further than I originally thought it would.  But, for those that make their own soap, they also have a Fels naphtha type bar to use.  I haven't tried this yet but will eventually.  Thanks to a very kind hearted soul, I haven't had to make laundry detergent in a long, long time.  But for those that do and have allergies, great product.  

Ooh, something else I've used that we now can't live without is something called a stain stick.  I too was skeptical at first but this little thing really works!  It's the stick thing at the bottom of the box in the first picture.  We even rubbed our roman shades that had stained spaghetti sauce and Lord only knows what else on them.  Came out.  Stain stick and some water.  

I love these products because of what they do.   Also, the fact that there are no harsh chemicals really is a plus for me.  Yes, they will cost you more than getting something cheap and chemical at Wally World.  These make wonderful gifts.  In addition, this company does fundraising!  I know you adoptive parents would love that idea.  Seriously though, just wanted to share products I enjoy and use since someone shared w/ me years ago.  Also, love supporting American family owned small businesses.  Anyhow, their website is here:  Goat Milk Stuff.  Be sure to sign up for the email newsletter.  It only comes once a month but always has a great coupon with it.  This month the code was "summer."  With that, you got FREE shipping!!!  Always a great thing.  And, that does it.  I'll have to share some other things we love around here so be ready.  Not that anyone cares but sometimes I find it interesting what other people like and use and if it would benefit or fit for our family.  Hence, why I'm sharing some of the things I like.  Hope you don't mind some of these posts. 


  1. I'm being lazy and not clicking through to the link as I've seen their site a bunch, but since I know you guys like trips/field trips, I know a few other bloggers in the past have gone to see the GMS people in real life and seen their set-up, etc. Seemed like the kind of thing you guys would enjoy - especially since you like their products so much! Like I said, being lazy and not looking up where they are in relation to you guys, but just in case you've not seen others blog about it, thought I'd throw it out there. Haven't seen a ton go (so not sure if they limit it or people just don't think about seeing if it's possible) but like I said, seemed so like the kind of thing your family would enjoy, that I'd mention it :-)

    Praying for you guys.

    1. We are in Scottsburg, Indiana. About half an hour north of Louisville (exit 29 on Hwy 65). We still have ongoing construction, but once construction is complete, we will be setting up some sort of tour/open house schedule. :)


  2. Thanks so much for all the kind words, Stephanie! It makes us happy to know that all of our hard work to make great stuff and get it shipped to you as fast as possible is appreciated. :)


  3. Stephanie or PJ, I went to place an order and used the code "summer" for free shipping, but it's not working. I also signed up for the online newsletter but I didn't get it yet. I guess I'll have to wait until the next one comes out, but I would still love to use the correct code, if possible.