Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Shrek's Swamp and sweet things

Figured it was time to catch up on a few things here and there.  We went on vacation and came back to a very, very green looking pool.  Aka...Shrek's Swamp.  There were storms and so we got all the leaves out and everything else.  But, remained green.  Pool guy said "only gone for a week?!"  Yep, honest to goodness, just a week.  He told Warren we're not even going to worry about getting the pH balanced at this point.  Here's some shock, come back as you may need two of them for this.  That's when you know it's bad.  Remember, we had just drained the entire pool, scrubbed it down and treated it. 

Not quite the pool we left when we went on vacation.  

When we poured in the shock, it started to bubble and turn yellow.  It was interesting to watch.  

Of course, the kids thought this was all cool.  We, did not.  

This I thought was cool.  From time to time, I check out adoption auctions or try to donate if I can.  It's tight but I try at times.  Recently, bid on something small but something I thought we'd get a lot of use of for sure.  It's a back pack cooler!

Insulated, nice design and something the kids can use as well.  With trips here and there and outings, makes it easy to take drinks.  Carolina is a bit hot in the summer time if you didn't know it.  LOL.  There are always adoption auctions going on.  I also bid on a skirt and got that but have not received it quite yet.  Summer will be styling though.  

Sweet thing.  Poor Summer wanted to swim so badly. Notice the rain on the door?  It was torrential down pours that day.  She loves the water.

During the week, there are always other kids over here.  Sometimes, we have 20 or so at a time. Most times though, around 15.  Not every day but a few times a week.  So, something to feed them all.  A friend brought her kids over along w/ a sweet watermelon.  The kids all ate piles of watermelon.  2 huge watermelons!  Folks, that's a lot of fruit.  Notice a tier of peaches on the table as well.  Got those from the farmer.  Nice to share some goodies with friends and let the kids eat that summer fruit that's out for what seems like a short time.  

More blog posts to catch up on.  For now, Max is fixing the RV steps w/ new outdoor carpet.  Outside steps.  We've chosen paint to paint the inside with.  One more person is going to come and look. However, if they don't get it, we're starting the decorating.  Making many lists today and getting things done.  Yana put new shelf liner paper in the cabinets.  Little projects were accomplishing today.  More to come and catch up on.

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