Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pictures from Bentonville

A friend gave me a disk, months ago, and I just got around to loading some pictures on it.  Some are from when we went to the Civil War Battlefield here in Bentonville, NC.  Not far from us.  We went with another family and had a great time.  Gorgeous day to boot.

 Of course my kids go to the guns first thing. 

Learning a little about Civil War History.  Always neat to see some things first hand.

Looking at some artifacts from years past.

Not sure what Alyona was thinking here.

 Trying to get Ms. Summer to smile.  Was going great till she fell off.

 Summer wasn't so sure this second go around standing in the tree b/c she fell off the first time.

Logan, practicing like a Civil War infantry would have done.  Though, not with a log. L OL. 

Yep, Reni has the makings of a general.  Already barking orders!  

Boys getting ready for the enemy. Thankfully, my boys were just carrying sticks as weapons.

My friend and I wanted the kids to get a taste of the weight the men had to carry on their backs in the heat of the summer time.  So, made them carry each other up and down the field.  They had a better appreciation of what the soldiers had to haul.  It was such a beautiful day that day and we really did enjoy ourselves.  Was nice looking at pictures from long ago.

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