Sunday, July 21, 2013

More favorite things

Well, I'm no Oprah so this definitely won't include any posts about cars or fancy refrigerators.  Just little stuff that we've come to like over the years.  Most don't cost much but I know how I enjoy when someone tells me about something that works so why not share. 

Someone from the blog actually sent me this last year.  We are in LOVE!  I know, sounds crazy but this stuff truly works.  We have woods around us and are outside quite often.  We use the cleansing foam when we've been working in the woods and haven't had a severe bout of poison ivy or poison oak since!  The poison ivy itch relief we've also used on other bites and things of that nature and that too has helped immensely.  These are not expensive products at Walmart.  Well worth the investment of around $4.  We are almost out and will most definitely be buying more.  

Now, sometimes we find products that we can only afford every once in a blue moon.  That is what this is.  It for us is a luxury type item.  I know, I know, some of you buy tea everyday.  This company is called Tea Forte.  

Tea Forte also sells these things called Minteas.  I got them in one of the boxes I used to get every month.  Don't get those any more.  But these hit the spot for a little mint every once in awhile.  Some flavors were better than others. My kids hated the cocoa ones.  So did I and that's saying a lot coming from kids and a chocoholic.   But the relaxation mints and the stay well mints I enjoyed.  But, to each their own. 

But the real treat is their teas.  OMG!  Just so, so good all the flavor in these teas.  I was in love and still am!   Their tea has lots of flavor and just very relaxing to sit with a cup of tea.  I had gotten a sample pack ions ago when they were doing some special.  $10.  Hey, even I could do $10.  Trouble is, I sampled and enjoyed them so much, I'd love to get some more.  LOL.  I am not a coffee drinker at all so tea is my thing.  Tea Forte is not Lipton folks.  This is quality.  So, you will pay for quality.  Gave you warning.  However, these make excellent gifts and even better when they do their sales.  Around hte holidays you see more sales as well.  Just thought I'd share in case others out there enjoy quality cup of tea.  Think of it as a splurge.  

So, cheap product that works to a splurge product that tastes good.  LOL.  Variety.  More posts to come.  Cleaning house today, Sunday and playing catch up. 

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