Sunday, July 14, 2013

Medically, we're not doing the best this weekend

I'll tell more of our weekend soon.  Well, start w/ the simple stuff.  Friday, we were supposed to go to a carnival.  Didn't make it.  Rain out of course. So, instead we go to get haircuts.  Lots, and lots of hair cut off on Friday.   Summer looks so cute!  As if she wasn't cute enough already.  Mine is all chopped off as well.  Now, then we had a family reunion here on Saturday and I'll do a separate post on that one.  That brings us to Saturday evening.  Ready to go to bed.  Late.  12:30 at night.  Irina comes out with blood profusely coming out of her knee.  Most definitely an ER visit.  Warren got dressed and took her.  They didn't get home till 5:30 am!!  When she left, she took a stack of paper towels.  Bled through it.  Then, a diaper in the van.  Got to ER and they gave her stacks of gauze to bleed through and wait.  They met a man who had walked from Alaska.  Yeh, interesting night at the ER.  She got x-rayed.  Nothing broken so lots of cleaning and stitches.  

They get home.  Now, let me back up at what happened earlier on Saturday evening w/ Bojan.  See, he wants an ipod touch.  We owe him $65.  Yes, we had to borrow from our son.  Anyhow, Yana has an old ipod touch w/ a broken screen.  Screens cost around $65 to $80 to repair depending upon where you send it off.  So, told him he could work the $15 off and we'd get it fixed for him to have.  He went to work scrubbing the walls, the shower ,etc. of the upstairs bathroom.  Went ot check on him.  He had scrubbed alright that he said he was getting the mold off.  Umm, he ripped up ALL the caulking!!!  Bojan came downstairs a little while later and said he hurt his hand cleaning.  That he popped it back into place.  I put ice on it and said we'll watch it.  I mean how bad could he hurt it cleaning.  Well, never got the entire story.  Today, Warren took him to Urgent Care b/c it was still swollen.  Turns out, broken joint.  On the hand that's already missing a finger and the one he needs for playing trumpet.  So, ortho to see this week it is.  For now, splinted up.  

While I was at home and Warren was at the doc, Alyona came to me and said look at this.  I was scared at first, I admit.  Curve in her spine that was beyond obvious.  Headed back to doc w/ her.  Warren took us as he had to get an air compressor (as if we hadn't spent enough $$ at doc's) to get his tire fixed.  Flat tire.  Took x-rays.  See, this was sudden onset scoliosis.  appeared almost overnight.  No exaggeration.  We have pics from July 4th, just 10 days ago and no curve or anything.  We are being referred to a spine specialist right away.  See, I was told most cases that curve to the left have a pathology behind them.  I was also told MRI is needed but she wants doc to order from specialist clinic.  Most likely, surgery is in her future.  What is scary is the sudden onset.  That part is the not so good part.  Bojan has mild scoliosis.  No big deal.  I won't go into details as my older kids read this.  The doc that saw her today even suggested we call Duke first thing tomorrow since she is an established patient there for ortho already.  They could get her in faster in other words.  They don't want to wait on this one. 

Not the weekend we expected.  In addition to all this news, we received word house guest will not be returning.  We're heartbroken once again.  More on all of it later.  Trying to catch my breath this weekend but feel like I'm swimming and sucking in water.  I know the week will move forward and we'll have some answers soon.  With Bojan's amputation surgery coming up soon, would love simple answers for sure.  More to come. 

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  1. wow I know they say it runs in 3 but that is over the top! Hope you dont need to see the inside of ER any time soon!

    When is Bojans op?