Friday, July 26, 2013

Max's Dream Bus

The other day, Max drew the bus he wants for us.  Hey, when he dreams, he dreams big.  Though, can admit seeing us driving one of these things.  Though, I know it will never happen just given how much these things go for.  But awesome that he can dream. 

A picture of Max's RV for us.  Not sure what colors he would pick as these are all sketches w/ pencil. 

A little closer view of the front of it.  

I love how there is a trailer for us to tow all of our stuff in as well as the bus itself.  Hey, if you're going all out, might as well go all out.  So, when Max makes it big, or we have a sponsor of some sort for RV's, you may just see us driving around in Max's dream bus.   For now, you will not be seeing us in this.  C-MOW is here to stay for quite some time I do believe.  Think he can design a new paint job for C-MOW next year??  Time will tell.  So, what do you think of Max's bus? 


  1. I'm impressed, those art lessons are helping him give his drawings more realism. The reflection in the bus / trailer panelling of the background give it life.

  2. That is brilliant. I would not be at all surprised if he ends up working in a field that uses his drawing skills in the future. He has a great talent