Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Max's drawings

Though Max worked today & is working tomorrow, he has had a lot of spare time to draw lately.  So, wanted to share a few he has done.  Just two to share but think it shows how he's grown as an artist. 

Ignore Max's expression, or lack there of, b/c I had just woken him up.  Teens.

He drew some pirates.  Anyone recognize the movie character?

A closer up view of their faces.  I just thought the detail was great.

This is an unfinished drawing. He decided to draw a massive pipe organ in a church.  This is the halfway point of his drawing.  He does ALL his work w/ just a pencil & a straight edge.  Pretty cool I thought.  

Well, need to get going.  I'm avoiding paper work like the plague.  But, needs to get done so off the computer I go. I know I have a ton of updates but Bojan has been priority and back & forth calling, emails, etc. to get everything in order at Shriners, insurance company, etc. has been all time consuming.  Hopefully, normal will return in the next couple of days.

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  1. Great drawings! Could he use his abilities to secure a job? (when he is older) Hope Bojan feels better.