Thursday, July 18, 2013

Max's drawing

Some of you may not know, we are holding an art class at our home every Tuesday taught by a local artist.  She is teaching kids of all ages (& not just our kids) how to draw and paint.  Reni, Logan, Nik, Max and Yana are attending.  The rest of my kids said no.  Well, the artist would like to enter something Max drew into a contest which of course we said yes.  She wants to use this drawing that he did for her last week:

This is a picture of a ship Max drew.  I like it.  Not sure how long this took him.  This is actually a really big picture.  Really big.  It's not notebook sized or anything like that.  Takes like half Max's body up if he holds it up to himself to give you an idea of the size of it. 

Another shot of the whole ship.  I could never draw like that.  Ever.

A little closer up view of the ship.  I think he's got talent.  Now, to be able to use that talent! 


  1. That drawing is amazing ! He is incredibly talented

  2. Yes,he is very,very talented! He must pursue a career in art. My reaction when I saw the drawing was Wow!

  3. He is very talented. Just curious, does he draw from another image or from his imagination?

  4. So impressed-the way the sails look like they are billowed out with the wind. Awesome job Max!