Monday, July 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Phew.  Been a busy past few days.  I don't have much time to write but do a quick Manic Monday post and then write more later. 

  • Prepping the house for sale
  • Got the outside looking good over the weekend
  • Working on inside next and hiring a person for a few odd jobs
  • Finally got folks to call me back about repair work
  • someone wants to look at the RV
  • Little One goes to the doc tomorrow about getting a g-tube taken out
  • Houseguest is still away for right now (hoping for a quick return)
  • We all miss her like crazy
  • Nik fell off the Ripstick going full force down the hill.  He looks like some motorcycle accident victim.  Road rash w/ skin off and huge bruises.  Ouch!  He had a helmet on.  Next time, need bubble wrap.
  • Went to a church VBS at a house this evening. Nice.
  • Going to a church carnival on Friday
  • My parents are coming to town on Saturday
  • Warren goes for a stress test on Thursday (as if there is not enough stress here.  LOL)  No, our cardiologist said he has a healthy heart but he does this as routine.  I've had one done too.  
  • My nuclear stress test is in August (I'm on cardio preventive exams as heart health in my family's past has not been the best.  However, mine was so great last time, he's allowing me two years between visits.  Wahoo!!!)
  • Alyona needs to go to the eye doc.  We no longer have to see a specialist.
  • Filling out adoption paper work
  • Art classes start here on Tuesday
  • Friends coming over Thursday to swim
  • making appointments for kids
  • need to set up evals for some of the kids
  • contemplating putting Alex, Alyona & Logan back in middle school
  • looking at various homeschool things
  • planning next year's summer vacation (crazy, I know!)
  • selling all sorts of stuff around the house to clear the clutter
  • bought fishing poles to let the kids fish at campgrounds we go to
  • thinking of taking a break from soccer for one season (still unsure)
  • way behind on just about everything you can imagine.  
  • Can't believe it's July
  • Need to call Shriner's for Bojan's upcoming surgery
  • Made s'mores today just for kicks
  • we are so tired of all this rain
  • have a rain barrel(found at a yardsale for $6!) but they all keep leaving the stupid lid on.  
  • knock on wood, family is all healthy and growing
Little bit of what's happening around here.  much, much more but I'll get to it all over the next several days and get some posts up.  Have a pile started but none finished.  Hate it when it happens but life/ kids come first.  Blog, not so much on high priority list.  Still, need to catch up on posts and pictures.  In time.

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