Monday, July 22, 2013

Manic Monday

Fantastic weekend at the lake on Saturday.  Yesterday got a lot of cleaning up done.  So, what's happening lately or this coming week:

  • Enjoyed the lake w/ wonderful folks
  • Max went to a birthday party instead that day
  • cleaned all day Sunday
  • realized a HUGE financial mistake I made this past week (kicking myself as I used to work in the financial industry.  Truly, I know better)
  • fixing said mistake today as best we can
  • going nowhere this week for obvious reasons
  • people coming over to swim
  • speech therapy all week
  • art class this week
  • babysitting this week
  • family portrait this weekend
  • clearing a lot of clutter
  • redoing appointments
  • vet found something that may help the dog's itching
  • ordering Bojan's wheelchair for post op
  • trying to get Warren & Bojan a ride to Shriners
  • organizing quite a few PPR's
  • Hoping to go to the courthouse this week and put in Little One's adoption papers
A bunch more going on but I've been trying to figure out an insurance issue today.  Well, need to get going but will have more posts up this evening.  Hey, on a roll w/ organizing and that includes the blog.  When things slow down a bit more, I'll work on getting a new blog going.  Low priority.   Looking forward to a productive week.  And more than that, a family portrait.  Something we haven't done for years.

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