Monday, July 15, 2013

Manic Monday

Thank goodness it's Monday!  I have never wanted a weekend to end so badly before in my life!  Time to get caught up on a bit of news here.  Some, not good at all.  Here goes a bit:

  • House guest will not be returning
  • We're all grieving yet again
  • Had a family reunion at our house this past weekend.  Rained the whole time.
  • Bojan broke his finger
  • Alyona has scoliosis
  • Irina busted her knee and has stitches
  • Need to sell things around the house again
  • Treated myself to a soap order (post on this soon)
  • My parents brought lots of goodies for the kids to play with
  • I got some beach towels that aren't shredded.  Wahoo!!!  
  • Searching for a solution for Digby and Alaska eating themselves alive.  Not fleas.  They are raw.  Asking vet tomorrow.
  • Warren has a flat tire.  I have no car today.
  • RV is not sold.  We have decided to make C-MOW more of our own and paint interior.
  • Warren's car needs lots of work.
  • Fixing up house 
  • Max has ortho appt. this week
  • Nik has speech all week
  • Calling for many followup appts. for those seen this past weekend
  • Waiting to hear from Shriners on housing for Warren and Bojan
  • Going to Jordan Lake this weekend
  • Having art classes here on Tuesday
  • Need to go to grocery store but am totally drained
  • Got a generous gift in the mail from MO the other day-- lots of goodies and a gift card
  • Need to initiate several IEP meetings
  • Need to decide on soccer
  • Need to get Little One evaluated
  • Need to send off testing
  • Need to fill out eval for Nik
  • Tired for obvious reasons lately
  • Need to make Alyona an opthalmology appt.
  • Need to make Bojan a FB account
  • Way behind on emails and the like
  • Getting more organized day by day
  • We're all tired of rain
  • Sun is supposed to shine all week long
  • Going to get some pictures printed off

And way more going on.  But, one by one, we'll get some of it done.  Actually relieved we are not going anywhere this week for a change.  We're going to the Lake this weekend but for the most part, staying here this week and think we need to.  More posts later today but first need to get some of this to do list to done!  Hope everyone's week is going smoothly.  

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  1. Still reading your blog everyday (((hugs to you all)

    love lissa and