Monday, July 1, 2013

Manic Monday

Been a big weekend for us as some of you are aware.  For those not aware yet, one of the Littles has now come back to us to stay.  A topic for another post.  For now, it's Monday.  Here's a little of what's happening here...

  • Houseguest came back!
  • prepping house to sell
  • houses in our neighborhood have all sold recently
  • had someone look at the RV
  • Alex's birthday is this week
  • Alex becomes a teenager...yikes!
  • 4th of July is this week
  • having a cookout that I've done nothing for yet
  • need to decorate for the 4th (maybe)
  • need to sell some things around here
  • homestudy is done...going over final draft
  • prepping all adoption paperwork and looking it over
  • really need to write an adoption book one day
  • we feel so utterly complete as a family now w/ houseguest back
  • broke down and bought 2 high chairs off Craigslist this weekend 
  • glad I didn't take down or get rid of any of houseguest's stuff
  • Summer and Little One were elated their sister is back
  • van needs washing
  • been raining a lot lately
  • Max has PT this week
  • Nik has speech all week as does Summer
  • painting doors this week
  • planning a family reunion
  • Houseguest was taken back tonight...again.  We're all sadden
  • Being told houseguest will be back again but very guarded as you can imagine
  • lots and lots going on
  • need to pay some bills before I forget
  • we'll be going to the courthouse most likely next week as this week is holiday week
  • ordering pictures from our vacation as I'm determined to get back on picture track.  
  •  I have much more to say as you can imagine.  It will have to wait a bit longer.  I'm trying to get very organized w/ papers and many things going on at once this week.  Will finish up our vacation posts soon as well as explained what happened at the KOA that prompted our quick trip home all night.  For now, need to go read some bedtimes stories and practice speech cards w/ kids.  More later. 

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  1. I am so anxious to hear what is going on with Little one. Sounds like you have all been on a roller coaster of emotions. Loved reading about your vacation and seeing the photos. Love to you all.
    Judy Gossett