Tuesday, July 30, 2013

KOA reply

As you know, we had an experience at the KOA in Nashville, TN.  I wrote the national office and the Nashville office itself.  Here is the response I got from the National office:

Case Number: XXXXXX

Case Summary: External Feedback Entered - Classified as 'Specific KOA Kampground-Feedback'

Last Reply...
Dear Edward and Stephanie

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about your experience with the Nashville KOA. We're sorry you were unhappy with your experience.  Your feedback is important to us because it allows us to make improvements to ensure your camping experience is a GREAT one.

Please know that we at the KOA Home Office and the managers of each of our independently operated campgrounds appreciate your loyalty to KOA and thank you for your feedback.  We will be sure to pass along your concerns to the management at the Nashville KOA for their review.

Our records are indicating that a refund in the amount of $60.26 was issued to your credit card ending in XXXX on 6/26/2013.  Please watch your statement for this credit to post.

Once again, we thank you for sharing your concerns with us.


Your Kamper Services Team

Alright, a few things.  Yes, a refund of $60.26 was given.  HOWEVER, I paid way more than that to stay there!  We booked for 3 nights.  I must find the receipt of what I paid.  I prepaid and then paid when I got there as well.  Think I paid something like $121 or something to that effect when I got there in addition to what I had prepaid. I will have to double check that but do know for FACT it was more than $60. 

Now, the Nashville KOA called me on the phone in person to apologize and kept reiterating it wasn't their fault and that they had 4 RV accidents in a week  just this past week.  He said he would have hated for someone to run over the kids.  I still was not satisfied w/ answers given when I said well, you could have moved us to two RV sites side by side and put the tent on one and rv on the other.  Remember, we passed those empty sites on the way out.  He said well, some rv's would just pull through and not see the tent.  HELLO!  not see a huge 8 person tent in front of the?!  Plus, if it isn't their # site, they'd have no reason to pull through.  Especially, in the middle of the night!  URGHH!!!  He did say he will check the amount and refund the rest if it is due to us.  I was honest from the get go of what we needed.  If you could not do it, then say so.  I've already contacted another campground for our summer vacation for next year.  YEAR in advance and told them our needs.  They said no problem, just contact us in April and remind us the needs so we can put you in the bigger spot.  They said it won't be right on the lake though. I said I don't care, just needs to be together.  She said not a problem.  Again, if honest and tell them your needs and you're willing to pay for extra people, or tent, then make sure it can be done.  If not, tell the people and this can all be avoided.  Rant over. 

Sad part is, I have loved the other KOA's we've been to.  Hate for one bad apple to spoil the bunch.  We are due to go to the Cape Hatteras KOA late August.  I'm thinking of calling and reminding them our situation.  I did back in December and she purposely gave us a site on the end behind the dune.  Won't be in anyone's way AND she said have plenty of room for the tent.  Again, honesty of our situation and willingness to make sure we do what they ask is all I'm saying.  I know there are many, many other big families who camp.  Any others have these issues?  just curious.

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