Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here comes the sun....

NOT!!!  Here where we live, it seems to have been raining almost nonstop at times.  Really, lots of rain.  So much, had to drain the pool down.  Rained again today.  Yana went for a run today and got stuck in the rain.  Crazy.  Our yard is taking a hit as these are torrential down pours at times.  When that happens, this starts to happen in the backyard since the neighbors built a fence that now acts as a dam:

The water builds up behind their fence and then comes rushing through.  

You can see where the bubbling is starting.  Granted, this is only from torrential down pours but this is all we've had this week folks.  Getting a bit ridiculous.

No, this backyard did not originally have a creek. LOL.  A landscaper is actually coming Thursday and Friday to give us estimates on a solution possibly.  I can only imagine. Hey, free estimates at least.  Solution will be another story.

So mad the picture turned out blurry.  There is water from the top coming down.  It is a water fall through our woods.  Gorgeous in person every time it rains.

This is the water coming to the drop off at the back of our property.   It then goes to a creek that is in our side yard and down the neighborhood.  That's a lot of water folks!  Drop off is about 6 to 7 feet.

Another view of the back yard when it rains.  It was not this way before the fence.  There used to be a drain between the two yards.  Not sure what happened to that but as you can see, it has left us with a huge issue to contend with.  We'll get a solution.  Thankful that it doesn't rain everyday here.  Just wasn't wanting to add another thing to the stupid to do list that never gets ta done.  And with that, need to go.  More to do.  

People are coming over to look at the RV.  Alex & Logan did their end of school testing.  We ran behind this year due to all the happenings, surgeries, adoptions, etc.  Alyona is doing hers now.  Reni will do hers this evening and Nik tomorrow.  Send them all off to be graded.  Then, I do believe I'm going to register Alex, Logan and Alyona in school.  Should be interesting.  Alyona and Alex have IEP's.  Logan will need full evals done despite them wanting to label him ESL I'm sure.  They do that in the state of NC so the schools can be exempt from their testing scores.  Nice, huh?  It does not help the kid and I fight the ESL label every single time as it is not a good thing in this state.  Not sure of other states but not here.  Irina was learning Spanish before English!  So, lots to do in regards to getting schooling stuff done.  Also, want evals for Summer, Little One and Houseguest done when she returns.  We'll get there slowly but surely.  Time to get going.  More to come.

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  1. We decided to try and enroll Andrei, and will be having him evaluated. Any MUSTS do you recommend that we do?