Monday, July 22, 2013

Girl's Art Work

I always talk about Max and his artwork.  Oh, to answer a question, yes, Max does most of his drawings out of his head but some he does copy if it's a character from a movie he likes or something of that nature.  But majority of what he draws are things he comes up with.  Someone had asked that question so wanted to answer before I forgot.  The other day, the girls were given the opportunity to go away for a few hours with a local art teacher.  Yana and Irina went.

Yana holding up her painting she did.  

Yana drew and painted this all herself.  I thought it turned out pretty great.

Irina did this one.  She did not draw it.  Irina hates to draw I might add.  But, she told me she painted the whole thing!  I think it turned out fantastic.

I truly think both girls did a good job.  Can't wait to get them framed at some point and hang them up.  Thanks to Ms. Dina for caring about the girls and also giving them a day out.  Meant a lot to them. 


  1. You have some very talented artists in your family

  2. Wow they are really good artists. Those art classes are really paying off!