Monday, July 22, 2013

FAS Proof home???

Is there such a thing?  Absolutely NOT!!!  For those in the FAS community, you all know what I'm talking about.  We have things destroyed in our homes by our children.  Not intentional but it happens.  As many are aware, FAS children have poor impulse control, poor judgment, lack of cause and effect thinking and much more.  NOT good combos to say the least.  They'll do things and you're thinking to yourself "how did you come up with this idea & what part of you thought it would be a good idea?!"  You'll repeat this throughout the day.  This week, we had 4 glass cups break. 

I had this aquarium out b/c I had sold it.  Guess they're not picking that up now.  URGHH!!!  They dumped sand in it and broke the glass.  

Nik slipped on water last night and busted a hole through the wall with his knee.  Yep.  Proud of it too b/c he said he was strong.  URGHH!!!  You'll be happy to know, this hole has a mate.

The mate is right above it.  Where Logan had punched the wall one day being mad.  We've already told them next house, all concrete.  So now, more holes to fix.   

Not sure which genius did this art work but used a lot of shampoo flung across the shower.  

Now, I know some of this is just typical boy stuff.  However, FAS kids have a tendency to break...a lot of stuff.  We have stuff broken in this home almost every single day.  Not an exaggeration.  Some of it minor, some of it major such as washing machine (remember the pin art awhile back?!) and pool liner.  Raising an FAS child is a costly endeavor.  Now, multiply that by 8 of them, and I should have a fund set up.  LOL.  Just when you are trying to sell a home, this is the kind of stuff that drives you bonkers.  They broke our front porch by watching stupid YouTube skateboarding tricks.  Never dull, is it?  Storms sound like they're rolling this way. 

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