Thursday, July 25, 2013

Budding Artists

This July, we started an art class that meets at our house.  Some of my kids have been participating.  Those who didn't (Alyona and Alex) wished they did. 

Nik, getting ready to start his painting again.  They do it in parts each week.

a group shot of some of the budding artists.  We have two classes, one right after the other.

 Nik's picture.

Nik just being Nik.  Enjoying being an artist.  

Artists at work.  Shower curtains on the table were a great idea.

There are 3 artists that come here and help the children.  So, each gets individual instruction if needed.  

And as every artist does, time to sign his name.

 Nik showing off his painting and his favorite Angry Birds bag.

Max starting on his art work.

This is Reni's artwork.  I think she loves birds.

Reni, working on the next piece...some sketching.

Max working on the boat part of his drawing.

Little One working on a piece.  Yana didn't want to finish hers, so gave it to Little One to paint.

Logan, drying his painting before applying the varnish. 

Max's finished piece.

Another shot at Max's but I used the flash this time.

Locals, if you'd like to join us, please feel free.  We are signing folks up for August.  VERY reasonable at $15 a month for an hour class each week.  And, they get to take the piece home!  While the one class is happening, the other kids play upstairs or outside.  We have a pool table upstairs and that tends to get a lot of use.  Very pleased with all the art work of the kids.  Interested in taking a class on Tuesdays, please let me know.  Just had to show you a few of what the kids were working on. 

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