Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bojan's update-- turn of and downs

Hey, taking a few things off Facebook.  Been HARD day today for everyone
involved.  Here goes:

Bojan update: NOT good. He's been in severe pain and had three shots of
morphine thus far and it has not even put a dent in it. Please pray for
quick healing & for pain to be under control. On the home front. No
sleep from me. Let Nik stay in my bed since he was upset about his
sisters spending the night elsewhere. My two oldest are working today.
So, a few extra prayers for Bojan would be very much greatly
appreciated. We just want the pain under control for him.

Bojan update #2 for today: Just talked to Warren. They already have a
call into the anesthesiologist to see what might be happening here/ what
they can do. He's been moaning in agony for hours and Warren said about
chewed off a pillow. Bojan typically has a high tolerance for pain even
right after surgeries. This is VERY unusual. He has received IV pushes
of morphine(3 doses) and another narcotic as well. Nothing touches it a
bit. I don't know what they'll do at this point. My guess is maybe
another block? Not sure. Hard not being there. Keep the prayers, good
thoughts and good vibes coming his way today please!

Bojan update #3: They are trying to manage the pain. They've got it down
to instead of continual wailing in agony to every two minutes about in
agony. Still in severe, severe pain. They've given him morphine,
narcotics, a patch, Oxycontin, and I have no idea what all else. At
this point they may try Lerica (can't spell it) which deals w/ the
nerves. They're trying all sorts of things at this point trying to
manage the pain. That's their only focus right now. He is obviously not
coming home today. Kids are worried here. They are nervous. When one is
gone it is very, very difficult on the ones left behind. They really
have a group mentality at times. Continued prayers. We have to stay
close to home today. Thank you to whoever brought us dinner last night
and things to serve for lunch today. Helped way more than I think you
realize. Truly, didn't expect the turn of events. Once he's stable,
going to try to get to the store today. Pray for continued healing and
to quickly get this pain managed ASAP. Thank you.

Bojan update #4: Thanks for all the prayers. Bojan is finally getting it
to a dull throb. He even was able to get a bath himself which is HUGE.
Patch on him is supposed to last a week. Plan currently is for him to be
discharged tomorrow. Shriners will pick them up about noon or so. 5
hours home. Going to be a long few days still. Relieved it's getting
better. Keep the prayers and thoughts coming though. We're not out of
the woods yet. But looking good for now. Relief. Now, to get the
homefront calmed down. LOL.

I may try to get to the farmer later today.  I"m just exhausted at this point.  Really am.  We're all vegging out at the moment.  Yana really helped out today cleaning the house.  I can't thank Shriners enough for doing what they do and trying to manage all the logistics of getting Bojan and Warren home.  It's a relief to be sure.  So plan for now is him to come home tomorrow and be discharged in the morning.  That's the plan.  Please, let's stick to the plan!  More later. 


  1. hope Bojan feels better ASAP!

  2. Hope Bojan's recovery is in an upward trend today and he can come home.