Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bojan's Surgery Today

Sorry I've been so absent but life got a bit chaotic and carried away.  Finally returning to normal and have to do some catch up stuff but for now, Bojan's surgery today.  Bojan and Warren left for Shriner's on Sunday afternoon.  Pre-op was Monday.  Tuesday was surgery at Shriners for the leg amputation.  He went back at 10:30am and surgery was two hours.  They amputated above his scarring so about midway up the lower leg.  Below knee and this is what was expected.  This is a huge deal for Bojan.  For the first time in his life, he'll be able to be free of pain from walking, be able to participate in sports if he desires, not have to use crutches and just be able to do so much.  First time to walk without pain is the huge moment he's waiting for.  Don't blame him.

Bojan's surgery went well.  He's in recovery right now.  If, and BIG if, he has pain under control, they could release him as early as tomorrow.  If not, it will be Thursday.  So hoping it will be tomorrow.  Been a long few days here.  Remember, some of mine have PTSD so when events like this take place, it's difficult at best.  Typically during surgeries, Warren and I can easily tag team.  With them being in a whole other state, it doesn't work out all that well.  I will remember this for next time and have at least one other person here to be sure.  Just would run smoother.  Can do it on my own but I'll be honest, I'm just exhausted.  Really am.  Reason I say next time, is Warren is filling out the application while he is there for Alyona and the scoliosis team. 

Okay, started this earlier today.  Hey, life happens.

Bojan standing on his leg one last time.  He posed for the pic w/out the crutches he was regularly using b/c it hurt so bad to walk on it.  Love how Alyona is standing and Alaska has taken over the chair.  

Bojan's leg.

The foot that never healed, was always in pain, swollen and purple every single night and beyond repair.  It's gone now.  I tried to upload his amputation photo but it won't upload.  Have to get Warren to do that one I suppose.  Bojan is doing well tonight.  No pain even after block wore off.  That's fantastic.  He's eating and not vomiting.  More great news.  Everyone said he can leave tomorrow if nothing changes.  Our issue will be trying to find him a ride home tomorrow.  If not, they'll have to stay an extra night.  Truly though, I need them home tomorrow.  And, Bojan misses everyone and vice versa.  My kids are VERY connected to each other and when one is gone, it's hard for them to deal with.  More tomorrow.  For now, need some sleep. 

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  1. I am so sorry he's dealing with so much pain right now. Getting all my friends onboard with prayers for him, and for all y'all. I know how stressful this has to be! Love y'all!