Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blessings Abound!

The other day, a friend was moving.  Her daughter is in high school now and they asked if we would be interested in some Barbie stuff.  Now, I was figuring a few dolls.  Umm, nope!

Part of a giant Barbie house.  

All that in the background is Barbie furniture.  And you should have seen the cool Barbie Cadillac. 

That bin behind them was filled to the top w/ Barbie stuff.  The girls were in heaven.  They wasted no time getting into the make up either.  Just look at Summer's eyes.  The Barbie Ship was another favorite.  But the house & the car by far was the best in their eyes.

Max adding on the last part to this monstrous house.  Love that it is so open for them since they have motor control issues.  Works well.  Thank you so much Kerrie & Danielle!

 They got this paper card kit in the box of goodies from another friend in the neighborhood.  Nik and Logan decided to bring in reinforcements in the form of Max to help out.  

Boys love crafts too.  Here they were learning to make bracelets.  

Nik eating marshmallows while Max works on the car.  Thank you Tonya for all the cool things!  Really is appreciated.  

Today, the boys really cleaned out their room.  Clutter and all.  sorted:

The younger boys sorting out the clutter.  Not an easy task.  Most of that is junk or broken pieces. URGHH!!!  Irina found 2 molded apples in the older boys' room.  Why are boys so disgusting??  I just don't get it.  

I've also been selling some things around the house here and there to help clear the clutter to sell the house and also make a little cash to help with our upcoming trips.  We love to travel but let's face it, gas is not the most inexpensive part of our trips.  LOL.  So, getting rid of things that are collecting dust anyhow and also gaining space int eh process I feel is a win-win.  We'll see.  Much more to do this evening.  But, house is finally getting a better grip on organization.  Shoot, we even matched ALL our socks today finally!  Sounds trivial but that was a mountain.  Getting things together slowly but surely.  More to come soon. 

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  1. Oh my, you conquered the sock monster! It's never ending, isn't it!