Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blessings abound!

The other day seemed like such a wonderful day.  We were being blessed one thing after another.  Really, it was amazing.  Started with my friend Amanda bringing a bag of clothes over for Summer and Little One.  Of course my little fashionistas dug right in. 

Not long into the day, another friend brought us 50 ears of corn!  We shucked and froze some.  Quite a blessing as we do enjoy corn on the cob in the summer.  Anytime frankly.

That afternoon, two boxes arrived from MO.  

Notice Nik doesn't want to look at the camera, he wants to see what's in the box instead.

Goodies arrive!  All sorts of goodies.

Cereal, Cracker Jacks, drink mixes and a case of chocolate.

The note came with the goodies.  Said for all to enjoy but that the chocolate belonged to mom and dad.  LOL.  I've kept it in my bathroom and shared half bars with the kids secretly.  Each one thinking no one else is getting one and that they are super duper special.  I know, petty but they all love feeling special.

Summer's determination to get the box open was uncanny.  Wish she'd give that much gusto in speech.  
More goodies in box 2! Cool b/c we had never tried the M & M cookies before nor the honeymaid s'mores crackers. 

And she spotted them!  Her and Little One were screaming at this point.  

Barbies.  And they have clothes on them.  That didn't last long however.  Clothes were off that evening so Barbies could take a bath.  Thanks so much Pat and family.  Really meant a lot to us and lifted some spirits.  More posts to come later.  Need to go pick up Warren's car.  Unfortunately, expenses this month have been something else.  Makes these blessings that much more meaningful.  3 brand new tires needed.  Many more repairs as well for the house.  More on that later though. 


  1. What a wonderful surprise! I love Summer's face. I love the "things we love" posts too. Happy kids are the best thing ever.

  2. Does Summer ever take that skirt off? I might need to make her a second one! But if I do she has to use her speech to tell you what colors :)