Sunday, July 21, 2013

Blessings Abound! -- A sweet treat

Oh my goodness!  Wait till you see what came in the mail for our family the other day.  You'll be really jealous, I'm sure of it.  LOL.  Delicious is an understatement.

They were much too quick to get any good photos of the opening of the box or reading of the sweet letter that came with it. 

It was an entire box of cookies!  homemade cookies of all shapes and items. 

Summer was all too ready to dig in and taste test. 

Look at all these cool cookies!

Blown away by the artistic ability here.  These were NOT store bought people.  These were each and everyone handmade!  Can you imagine?!  I know better than to even attempt something of this magnitude of creativity.

Look at those cute ladybugs.  The round ones w/ red and blue and white are chocolate too. 

The flip flop designs were a HUGE hit.  Everyone wanted one of those. 

Had to get a few close up shots just so you could see the detail of this work. Simple amazing.

Truly, an artistic gift this lady has. 

How cute is this beach ball?!  So bright and vibrant on a hot day and headed to a picnic.

This flip flop was our favorite.  The cookies themselves were moist and tasted delicious.  We took some of these with us to our outing on Saturday.  Each of them came individually wrapped.  BIG hit and all loved the taste.  We all commented how most of the time these type of decorated cookies or cakes end up losing flavor and focus on the decorating.  NOT these!  VERY, VERY delicious!!  There was not one single person that did not like them.  I am going to find out if she sells these b/c I'm sure some of you in IN would love to order.  Of course, if they ship, I think many more would love to have them!  Going to ask her and post on here for sure.  Vicky, thank you so very much for making this sweet treat for our family.  Sad to say, there are none left.  But that's a great thing.  We all really enjoyed the cookies with the summer time theme.  Put many smiles on this past weekend. 


  1. Yea, let me know if she sells and ships.

  2. If she ships let me know as well.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, Stephanie. Summer's smile definitely put a smile on my face! I'm glad the family enjoyed the cookies...I sure enjoyed making them for you.

  4. I have been battling nausea and abdominal pain, thus not eating much. It's likely pancreatic cancer. I will find out soon. But, this is the first food item that made me hungry! I LOVE cookies! I really want some. Can you tell me how/where I could but some? I don't have any children, but who says an adult can't enjoy such Fun cookies!? Please, share!