Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birds, barbies, and road burn

Second post of the day.  May be on a roll.  LOL.  No, just in between letters I'm writing and projects w/ the kids.  Kids are downstairs doing what will I'm sure turn into a Pinterest Epic fail event but it's keeping them VERY occupied.  Putting beads into a pan and will cook it into a sun catcher.  Very skeptical on this one.  Tomorrow Max and Bojan have their ortho appointments.  We're also getting our house spic and span...pressure washed.  Yana and Irina are going with the art teacher to paint for the day.  See how well that sibling rivalry works there.  They've been at each other too much lately to be honest.  Go figure.  The two oldest are the ones at each other.  Friday, our yard is getting fixed.  Drainage problem.  Have no choice but to do it.  Can't sell the house the way it is eroding away.  This is an issue that has to be fixed whether we go or we stay.  Saturday, we're going to Jordan Lake to just swim and have a good time w/ friends.  Can't wait.  So, today is chore day and making arrangements that I need to make.  Onto the post. 

Lately, these things are the talk of the house for one certain kiddo.

Nik has become obsessed with Angry Birds.  LOVES them!  I found this on clearance at Target and splurged for him.  Anything angry birds, he's into it.  He and Reni spend time drawing these things.

Barbies are another big hit around here.  Thanks a lot to generous people lately that have given the kids the gift of Barbies.  Helped immensely b/c we had only 3 before.  BTW, they're still all naked.  First thing they do is take their clothes off so they can take a bath w/ the Barbies and wash their hair.  Barbies are way cleaner than my kids are around here.  Summer and Little One LOVE Barbies!

We live in a place called Southills.  Emphasize on the hills part.  Nik and Logan decide to go down w/ skateboards and ripstick.  Nik was on the Ripstick.  Helmets were on which I was pleasantly surprised about.  This was the result.  Took off skin and all.  Bruising, swelling, the whole nine yards.  Boys.  A few days later, he was out riding that thing again!  Nik is my fearless one.  

More posts forthcoming.  Lots to catch up on.  Slowly but surely, I'll get there. 

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