Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alyona's Birthday

Yes, I'm well aware it was at the end of June.  Yes, I am that far behind on posts.  So, playing catch up.  Yes, our little Alyona turned 14yo.  Can hardly believe it myself.  She came to us at 7yo.  Crazy.  She reminds us all the time that she is indeed a teenager. 

My little girl is becoming a young lady right before my eyes and way too fast for this mom.  She is clearly a teenager and filling that role well.  

Thought these curly candles would be cool.  Never, ever will I get them again.

All those candles lit and happy birthday in the background.  

Alyona thinking really hard of what her wish is going to be.

And blowing out the candles dreaming of that wish.  May all your wishes come true Alyona!  We love you & hope your 14th year is a year of growth, progress, and full of joy. 

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