Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A trip to Pelicans

Here we have a snow cone place called Pelicans.  Kids LOVE it.  Last year, they were just a buck.  This year, a buck.50.  Not bad but with us, definitely a little high.  Therefore, going is indeed a treat.  Well, found some coins leftover from last year.  Just enough for everyone and an extra to get one.  And, the day was hot and sunny so perfect weather for it.

Just look at all those flavors!  Such a hard decision.  Great news is all are fantastic.

 This guy is efficient.  

 Kids are mesmorized watching them make the snow cones.

Reni.  Still can't get rid of that fake smile.  Hoping by age 12.  ALL my kids go through it.

Little One couldn't see so had to give her a lift to be part of the action.

Yana definitely ready for summer time.

Reni and Summer.  I think Summer is enjoying that just a bit too much.  

 Since I won't let either one drink coffee, they both got coffee flavored snow cones.  They get them every time we come here. 

I can't remember Alex's flavor.  If it was candy apple or what. But, he liked it!

Summer, trying to figure some of this out.

Nik can make this whole thing bounce.  Crazy. 

Reni getting ready to give the monkey bars a try.

Alyona hanging around.

Warned Alex to not slide down or it would blister burn his hands.  Nik put his flip flops on his hands to slide down the pole.

Headed home with cool, full bellies.  We'll have to visit at least one other time this summer.  Have to try some more flavors.  all in all, a really nice time with the kids and two of their friends.  The snow cones were perfect and really hit the spot on a hot day. 

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