Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Vacation part 8 (dinner out in TN)

After much decision making, we ended up just walking next door to a restaurant near the campgrounds.  Convenient to be sure.  Was called Cock the Walk.  Hey, just the name made us wonder.  They served catfish, shrimp and chicken only.  Hey, limited choices are awesome for our family. 

The pan has cornbread in it.  The kids liked the metal pans we were given to eat off of.

It's buffet style servings.  So, coleslaw, cornbread and pickled onions are served in large containers.  Eat as much or as little as you want.

Nik enjoying some more cornbread.

Not sure what the expression is for.  Seriously folks, it's just water in those cups!

I was VERY reluctant at first as were some of the other kids.  But hey, this was vacation & was meant for new experiences.  So, we tried our first pickled onions.  And they were delicious!  More like a sweet pickle taste to me.  Just very tasty.  Couldn't believe I ate them

Yana, Nik and Alyona trying out the giant rocking chair in the restaurant.

The trio trying out another style.

Alex and Logan thought this was a riot.

Max and Bojan trying to be good sports.  We have pics of Irina and Reni too but they were with Little One so can't put them up quite yet.  But they too did get in the chair.  We all did.

And, anyone wondering what these 5 are laughing about so hard??

Dad decided to be a good sport and make them all crack up.  Or it could be titled this is how dad feels about taking 11 kids on vacation in an RV.  That in and of itself could be a tv show. LOL.

And due to extreme peer pressure... I hopped in that giant chair too.

Alyona and Reni getting ready to see what evening activities they have.

 Reni, enjoying a game of checkers with me.

Nik loved the bowling there.

All of us figuring out our moves.  

More of the vacation to come.  Next up is more of our evening activities, me losing a camera and a very unexpected trip home.  Stay tuned for more. 

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