Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Vacation-- part 7 (TN bound!)

After skipping Mammoth Caves, we headed off to TN after refueling.  I swear for Christmas next year, we're all asking for gas gift cards.  LOL.  Headed to TN & stopped off at the welcome center to pick up brochures.  Since we skipped one event, we thought we can take that money and put toward another.  Well, searched through the brochures and found this cool restaurant called the Aquarium in Nashville. Very cool looking w/ fish & sea life everywhere.  Like you're sitting in a big aquarium.  Take a look here!  Called and made sure prices were okay.  Yeh, I called.  Remember that one.  And btw, the prices on the web do not quite match the ones at the restaurant.  Anyhow, we all got excited.

This was the restaurant we we're really longing to go to.  But, we just couldn't do a couple hundred dollars for a dinner.  No matter how cool.  Kids took it in stride and we went on the hunt to find more.  Before we went in though, we went to Opry Land and took group shots in front of those giant guitars.  Sorry can't share them yet but very fun to do.  

Entrance to the mall.  Gigantic mall.  Literally the biggest mall I'd ever seen.

Since we could not find any reasonable price to eat, we decided to go onto the campground and set up camp.  Then decide what to do for dinner.  Nik w/ naked Ken (more on him later) and Summer.  Nice patio set on site.  We were at the "deluxe" sites.  

I hate that Halloween shirt.  But, in the heat and travel, we let them dress as they please.  I use teenage boys as the excuse for the way my older teens look.  LOL.  

Okay, now it's time to explain naked Ken.  He was EVERYWHERE.  See, Nik took on naked Ken when his sisters got into Barbies.  On the trip, he put Naked Ken in various places.  Bicycle spokes at the reunion, in the grass, in the shower, etc.  Here, Nik placed him on the windshield.  Notice Alyona in the RV?

The girls clearly appalled about Naked Ken.  

Hanging out till we decide where to go to eat.  BTW, it was late at this time.  Tent is in the background.  Remember that for later.  

Alyona checking out the campgrounds.  My kids go walking around to see where everything is when we first arrive at the grounds and to see what's available.  

Nik, with Naked Ken of course.  Next part will be our dinner out...finally. 

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