Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Vacation-- part 6 (Headed to KY)

After a great cruise, it was time to head to KY for our one night stop.  And we were all ready after such a fun-filled weekend. 

And this is what happens after a fun-filled weekend.  Sleeping kids of all ages.  Was the quietest ride ever!  Reni managed to loosen her seat belt enough to lay down.  

Nik very wiped out.

Summer asleep w/ Barbie in hand.  Can we say tired?

Got to KY and realized it was on central time.  Got some carrots out for them to munch on along with cupcakes. Have to have balance.

Max getting everything hooked up. He's our main man.  

There was such a beautiful moon.  Kids came in to tell me.  So, we decided to walk together and go take a look.  It was June 23 and the moon was supposed to be the closet to earth.  I wished I'd caught a good shot of it.  

 A little better.  Just was wonderful to witness.  So, me, Summer, Little One, Reni, Alyona and Alex took a walk around the campgrounds.

Summer trying to smile.  I have some other shots but Little One is in them.  While on our walk, we talked to a few other folks.  A group of them was setting off fireworks.  So, got to see a mini fireworks show w/ some of the kids.  Was awesome just to have that time together, chit chatting and enjoying nature.

Tent some of the kids slept in.  Coleman does make great tents.  We run a fan in it to keep bugs at bay and the kids cool.  Works well.  

Max and Logan taking down the tent and packing up.  We did laundry that morning as well.  Plan was to originally go to Mammoth Cave and tour but frankly, every single one of us was simply too exhausted.  We voted to skip it and go to TN.  And that's where we headed to next. 

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  1. Quietest ride ever with exhausted kids... you're welcome ;)!