Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Vacation part 5A (Riverboat Cruise)

Let's see if the weather cooperates this go around.

 Yana taking in some sights.

Kids thought it was cool we were riding on a pirate ship.

I just thought this was sweet.  My oldest son carrying my youngest daughter and making sure the sun stayed out of her eyes.  Sun seems to really bother her eyes at times.  she's fine, I know she is but as a mom who had a son dx'd with RP(retinitis pigmentosa) years ago, paranoia sometimes sets in w/ little things like that.  Max really does care for her.  They all do.

 Another cool looking bridge.  So many and all so different. 

Blurry but a cute one of Summer. 

 Alex, trying to find shade of course. 

Reni, letting the breeze on the top deck flow through her hair.  

Summer, getting to sit in the Captain's chair.  Nice of them to let kids do that.

After being in the heat, awesome to come back in and grab a cup of water.

Nik and us waiting for a few of the others to deboard the boat.

Just had a really fun time.  We left and headed to KY. More to come!

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