Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Vacation part 5 (Riverboat Cruise)

After leaving the reunion, we headed onto KY.  Would just like to tell the folks of Cincinnati that your one way streets are a lot like those in Raleigh.  We hate them equally in both places, especially when driving an RV.   You miss one turn and it is quite the puzzle to get across the river you can see but can't get to.  LOL.  We had to waste time earlier so headed to Target to restock just a few items.  Water being one of them.  Don't like to carry a lot of bottles b/c they are heavy.  Next investment in the RV will most definitely be 2 Britta Water Pitchers.  Think they'll pay for themselves over time as well.  Anyhow, made it to KY and saw the boats.  Every trip, I like to try to do at least one thing knew none of us have ever done to experience it together.

Alyona and Yana.  Hand in hand.  Nice for a parent to see closeness on a trip when many times at home there is ahem, sibling war fighting.

My 10 and 11yo's.  Not all super close but do like each other.  Hey, you take what you can get sometimes w/ kids. 

This is the riverboat we got to go on!  Very cool.  Smooth riding and they served ice cream.  Yum. 

Summer, anticipating the cruise.  We were getting ready to leave port.

Now, these two are very close sisters.  These two are very close and Max & Bojan are very close.  Summer and Little One are close.  Alex and Logan are either very close or mortal enemies.  Depends upon the day. 

Alex and Nik hanging out.  This was such a relaxing cruise to take.  Highly recommend it.  Was just a gorgeous day and pleasant.  And not too long.  We boarded at 2:30 and cruise was over at 4:30. 

Alyona enjoying her view of the city.

You're never fully dressed without a smile!  And ice cream on your shirt and a torn up skirt.  Total kid.

Very nice bridge.  There were so many cool bridges we passed.  Really was neat to see.  This was just one of many. 

Okay, was going to post all the pictures in one post but we've had major storms roll through here and computer is not letting me post more pics up.  So, I'll write a 5A part to this cruise post tomorrow when I can get more pictures up.  And when storms have passed.  Sorry to cut it short.  Also, digging through pictures b/c I do have many group shots or certain kids together but can't show Little One yet.  Believe it or not, that is harder than it seems.  One group shot I may post.  Little One is in it but whining so bad she covered her whole face w/ her hands.  This really was a fun cruise and just our speed.  We needed that break before going onto KY campgrounds that evening.  5A post coming as soon as the weather changes.

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  1. You were sooo close to me! I am less than 30 minutes from downtown Cincinnati!