Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Vacation part 4 (Bulgarian Reunion)

Dummy me forgot my camera at the splash park so no pics from there.  Also, though I have a ton of pictures, we can not share those of others so trying to pick out ones w/ just my kids in them.  Hard to do at times but giving it my all.  Plus, so much going on all the time, miracle I caught any of my kids on camera.

Alyona enjoying a bike ride while others were eating lunch.  Hence, the vacant lot.

Summer and Nik cruising along waiting for friends to come back.

During a scavenger hunt, the kids had to write what adoption meant to them.

I love this poster.  Yana said the gum was her idea.  Umm, I believe that b/c she's one of our gum fans in the house.  

All of these posters are so great.

Notice the bars and then the freedom from it?  Lots said w/out words.

They even wrote their names in Bulgarian!  Very cool.

Summer, Little One, Nik and Alyona got their faces painted.

She looks way too old here to me.

My butterfly princess. 

Nik wanted to be a bear.  I think so he could go around and growl.  Little One ended up wanting a puppy dog.  She went around barking at everyone.

Alyona.  Growing up way to fast.  A flowering blossoming for sure.

Summer and Yana enjoying each other.  See, siblings can get along when they want to.

Last morning there and no one but no one wanted to wake up.  There are 3 boys there.  Nik, Alex and Logan.  

There are two girls in here.  Little One and Summer.  

We had a super duper time at the reunion.  There was something for everyone to do.  We had the splash park, art, scavenger hunts, music, cultural learning, food, fun, food(yes, worth saying again!), friends hanging out, glow sticks, bike riding and the list could go on for days.  4 of my kids are from Bulgaria.  It is an important part of who they are.  Great to be able to enjoy it all with new and old friends.  Made our trip so special.  Made new friends, kept the old.  Awesome.  Just plain awesome.  Everyone was welcomed whether new to the process or not.  Can't wait to return next year.  Now, to start planning that trip.  Stay tuned for part V.  Onto KY and a riverboat cruise!