Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Vacation part 3 (Bulgarian Reunion)

Well, we arrived at the reunion site.  Kids went off and found friends from last year.  Great how the bonds stay strong.  Lots of great kids there to be sure.

Summer and Little One dove right into chalk, paint and play dough.  She doesn't waste any time, does she?

Nik and Summer and about every other kid there loved riding bikes folks brought.  This little girl and Summer really enjoyed playing together.  I know Summer looks mad there but truly, she isn't.  Those two were like glue as well as her sister and Yana.  Some of these families feel like an extension of our own.  Really they do.  Lynda and family are one of those families.  

Water, always, always a hit w/ my kids.  Can you tell Nik's favorite color?  


Alex, letting everyone know what state he's from.  LOL.  They all had an awesome time w/ the water balloon toss.  

Bojan took this shot of Logan catching a water balloon during the toss.  

 Not sure who she was talking to.  But hey, she was happy. 

Nik enjoying his ride.  He rode so much, he literally threw up.  Disgusting, I know but true.  He got way overheated from so much activity & not wanting to slow down and cool off.  

 The smart ones who bought these were thinking ahead to get the ones w/ no sound.  Thank you.

I swear, every time I'd come back to the RV, my kids had brought other kids in to watch a movie or just chill out away from the heat.  I think by now, most know what the inside of that thing looks like and where the snacks are kept.  LOL.

Max and Bojan were great helping with Little One.  She fell and scrapped open the same dog gone knee.  Went to the RV to fix it up.  She wanted me to carry her.  I did but got to heavy so asked her to walk. Then felt guilty when she fell again and scrapped the other knee!  Bandaids made both better but gee whiz.  Later, I was laying her on her back while someone was holding her and I poured water into her eye.  Why?  Because her sister Summer decided it would be cute to paint Little One's eyes white!  Can't say they're not creative.  She was no worse for wear and I think stayed up till like 10 or 11 pm that first night. 

First evening there they had a nacho bar and then ice cream.  Everyone loved the ice cream of course.  That evening I brought out the oreos.  For the adults.  For the kids, I brought a couple hundred glow sticks.  Huge hit for sure.  Ended the festivities near 11:30/ midnight.  Ready to hit the hay for another day of fun.  Part 4 coming next.

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  1. I love all the pictures Jen took of kids with their icecream. Everyone looks so happy.