Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Vacation-- part 2 (Glass company & Ohio bound!)

After breakfast, we packed up and headed down the road to the glass company.  It was packed.  Turned out, WVA was celebrating 150 years.  So, the company was making a commemorative piece. 

Name of the glass company we went to see in WVA.  We went last year but they didn't have the glass blowers working that day.

Just beautiful colors.  All that broken glass.  Yeh, my kids could never work here or those piles would be huge.

Summer liked all the pretty colors because she is learning her colors.

Nik was absolutely fascinated by the whole process.  Truly was paying attention.

The kids commenting on how hot it was in there.

Now that glowing thing is hot!

They moved closer so they could get a better look.

Watching him shape the glass was just amazing.  The fluting the other couple pointed out was cool as well.

Watching him blow the glass.

Learning the old tools of the trade that they still use today!  Truly was a cool show.  After, Irina and I stayed back to look around.  This glass is not on the frugal side.  Very nice pieces.  But, occasionally, there are mistakes that end up on the clearance aisle.  Me, not being a perfectionist and also being cheap, likes this table.  Irina and I looked on the bottom and found these gigantic bowls that we knew we ad to have for our fruit.  We were thinking it was not going to be marked down much and way out of our league.  Pleasantly surprised it was on clearance for $25 and I had a $5 off coupon with me.  I will snap a pic soon.  They boxed it up.  Hey, travelling w/ kids, wouldn't you?  

It was then off to Ohio.  For the Bulgarian Reunion.  

Everyone getting their fill of water and tired of being in the rv.  Ready for friends and fun.

Summer doesn't care where she is.  She smiles anywhere.

Love Milton, WVA.  Quaint town we stayed in.  They had American flags lining the streets.  Beautiful site w/ a backdrop of old stores and buildings.  In addition, gorgeous hanging baskets off every light post.  They cared about their town.  You could just tell there was pride.

We came to dread road work signs after hours of delays the previous day.

A sign we loved seeing.  Ohio!  Now, to get to the reunion.  Oh wait, I need a dessert and apples for the potluck.  Fine, we'll just stop at that little Amish Market I wanted to stop at last year.  But NO.  I was too busy having to scream at Bojan and Max for goofing off w/ stupid Naked Ken (teasing Nik), that I missed the turn off.  URGHH!!!  So, being that not only them but others were not on their best behavior for that leg of the trip, when we got to the reunion site, I took Summer and Little One with me and left the rest.  Was greeted by familiar faces who totally got having to ride w/ kids long distances.  Not long after, Warren brought the rest.  I think making them wait to go down there was a smart move b/c they were on their best behavior the rest of the time in Ohio.  More on the reunion in a bit.  Like tomorrow.  I'm beat.  Stay tune for the rest of the trip.  And some BIG news coming soon.  Though, can't share yet.

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  1. Oh come on! You can't tease us by saying BIG news and not share with us! LOL