Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Vacation-- Part 1 (ready to roll)

Yes, we're home earlier than thought.  L-O-N-G story but will explain when I get to that part of our vacation.  KOA corporate will be getting notified tomorrow.  Anyhow, back to the start of it all.

Thanks to an early b-day present from Ms. Heather and family, Alyona had a bit to keep her entertained on the trip.

Boys getting ready.  Think they'll sleep w/ those pillows?  Nope.

Older kids doing a check of supplies and food.

Alex, counting down every single minute of the 7 hours.  Kid you not.  He was fustrated w/ this concept once we hit traffic.

I am so tired of Naked Ken.  Nik has taken to naked Ken.  However, older kids have thought it better to be stupid.  Nik was not amused but it was cracking Reni up.

My kids love to go through tunnels and despite being in a confined space, still scream as if we're outside.  Every time.

You can't tell from this picture but traffic was a nightmare.  Miles and miles and miles.  So bad that we got to the campground very, very late.  Therefore, could not go in the lake.  I was SO bummed.  We loved doing that last year.  

Once we arrive at the KOA, the kids get straight to work w/out being asked.  Why can't they do this at home?  Look at that beautiful space.

Max and Logan unloading sleeping bags and cushions.  This RV has tons of storage space which we love.

Meanwhile, Warren is getting the WAY too small grill ready.  We truly need a bigger portable one.  mUch bigger portable.  We have the space for it, just no funds yet.  so, cooking for 13, takes forever on this mini thing.  We had chicken.

To tide them over, I fed them grapes.

Played w/ the glow in the dark ball.  Kind of bummed it got lost at the reunion.  Played a little outside, ate chicken for dinner and then watched RV that evening.

Breakfast was bananas and sausage.  They were too full to eat anything else.

While we packed up, some of the boys took the little ones to the camp playground for some energy releasing.  I love that we can let them go around the campgrounds and not worry.  Though I do always make them go in groups.  Always had great experiences w/ campers.  You meet so many interesting folks.  Part 2 is next.  The glass company and heading to Ohio.  Stay tuned for more. 

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  1. I saw a fire pit... Do you ever cook over an open fire?