Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some medical updates

I took Max for follow up today.  Healing nicely and stitches are now out.  Only 2 more weeks in the sling thing.  PT starts this Friday.  So, good to go.  Asked about pediatric PT for house guest but he says she'll need more specialized than what is offered.  However, they are now looking for one locally for me.  Know more Friday.

Came home and speech therapist was here working w/ Nik.  Had his new treatment plan as all the other goals have been met.  He's doing fantastic!  We're working on new goals now.  That's the good news.  Now, we have Summer who receives speech as well.  Soon the two newest littles will also receive speech.  Back to Summer.  She is not progressing...at all.  We knew this could happen.  Looking at her, I totally forget a part of her brain is missing completely.  I forget she has no connection there.  I really do.  It's hard.  Lately, we've noticed more and more that Summer is sort of "stuck."  not progressing in development or things like that.  She doesn't seem to retain any information.  Despite constant repetition, it's just not there.  I guess what is bugging me is we know her life is going to be a constant struggle.  That part is hard to swallow.  The other kids are getting somewhat frustrated with her b/c sometimes you wonder if she's doing it on purpose.  Summer you can't be that stupid I hear them say.  I'm being honest here.  I've heard them say that.  And yes, I get on them.  It's hard finding balance.  They have more tolerance for some of the younger ones that they know can't do certain things or express themselves.  They even have tolerance for Alyona.  They know she can't progress.  I think the problem with Summer is everyone has high hopes for her and is determined she can do these things.  At this point, we may have to sit down with everyone and explain to them.  Though she seems normal on the outside, she is not.  She is missing part of her brain.  There is a hole in her head.  You can't fix it or make it better.  I have yet to have her tested or evaluated.  She was evaluated when she came home at a 2yo level across the board.  She is now 6yo.  She was 5yo when she was evaluated at a 2yo level.  We have worked for SO long on counting to 10.  She gets it most the time but then will forget 6. 

I've always pushed the kids a bit more than what professionals told me they could do and that has worked thus far.  I let them lead the way.  However, I don't even think Summer has the desire to learn.  The other kids did.  Irina would try so, so incredibly hard and give it her all.  Alyona used to try in the beginning.  But, Summer, doesn't seem the least bit interested and is totally unfocused.  Not enough to consider it ADHD.  Just feel stuck with Summer.  I see the potential or maybe that is just me hoping.  I know she's mentally challenged.  It's just I guess with her I was so dog gone proud at how far she came in such a short time home.  And I mean way more than most my orphanage kids.  I still see potential but I also see the stark reality of her future.  This by no means means we're giving up.  We just have to readjust our thinking to fit Summer's needs. 

Little One has an appointment in July and surgery will follow shortly thereafter.  It's not major stuff.  She'll do fine to be sure.  Her well check was recently and she did wonderful. 

Irina needs a wisdom tooth pulled.  Trying to find the right time between surgeries.  Bojan's surgery is in July.  His amputation will definitely be a longer recovery than the rest.  He is very much ready though.  He is missing school tomorrow.  Begged to stay home.  It's field day.  Enough said. 

Logan needs to be checked endocrinologically I do believe.  His hands and feet sweat profusely as does he.  I mean literally, water will drip in buckets off his hands. His hands are always clammy.  And, he does not seem to be growing much.  Reni has passed him almost.  She's younger remember and from the same gene pool.  Just strange b/c at 12yo, he should be shooting up by now.  Something is "off."  Going to work on it.  Other than that, very healthy.

Warren just had a cardiac check up and heart is perfect as is blood pressure.  He just needs to get a stress test scheduled.  Our cardio guy does it as routine.  I get checked every two years so am also due this summer some time.  I have a cardiologist as preventative as my family history has much to be desired.  But, glad I have a guy willing to be proactive and make sure all is okay early on.  I used to get checked every 6 months, than every year and now it's every 2 years.  Better to be safe than sorry.

Other kids are doing a-okay health wise as well.  No complaints.  Though some right now look like a CDC experiment gone awry.  They have dug bug bites till they look like they have bullseyes on them.  Bandaids do not work.  We live in t he south and a creek surrounds our house.  Bug bites are inevitable.  Hoping they'll stop.  Summer still has scars from when we got her.  Hey, at least I know where they're from now.  She can't leave them alone.  But if bug bites are all I need to be concerned with, I can't complain one bit. VERY thankful for their health.

Tomorrow is Wednesday adn we plan on getting things down around here.  That's the plan anyhow.  We'll see how it goes.

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