Monday, June 3, 2013

Manic Monday

Well did I ever go MIA.  Been a long few days and just didn't realize how busy and booked up we really are.  And, that is okay.  We'll get a few days this week to simply sit and enjoy a lazy day here and there.  Who ever coined the phrase lazy days of summer obviously did not live here.  It is now Monday.  A quick overview here of a little of what we're up to.....

  • Went to look at an 1870 home this past weekend 
  • We've decided we can't stay in this home.  We must move.
  • Kids are NOT happy about the move (more on that later)
  • We love the house but not sure quite yet
  • Going to list our home in a few weeks
  • Still need to sell the RV
  • Warren's car needs repair
  • Fridge still on the fritz (we have 2 remember)
  • ceiling fan now broken in dining room
  • Irina enjoyed the graduation party we had for her
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Graduation party for Irina this coming weekend
  • Going to national Donut Day at Krispy Kreme on Friday (hey, we must!)
  • Alaska has chewed herself raw despite regularly being bathed, having a flea collar & using Frontline
  • Warren is very late this evening
  • Nik learned all his money and so I promised him a candy bar (actually, his speech therapist promised him I'd get a candy bar)
  • RV needs an inspection
  • Pool repair is not going the best
  • Slow leak in pool but now hose broken
  • Tying up the end of school work 
  • Cleaning out cubbies
  • Max's stitches come out tomorrow
  • Need to get to bank
  • Last docs of homestudy are being done
  • Homestudy almost done (wahoo!!!)
  • Did some major organizing today and felt great
  • Had been feeling so overwhelmed but finally at a good place (organizing helped that )
  • People are very generous in regards to Irina graduating
  • Irina's been writing thank yous
  • catching up on emails
  • need to send off insurance claim
  • Max and Yana are done with school
  • Bojan gets out Friday
  • Found a curriculum I want to use for homeschoolers next year (online)
  • Trying to decide if I should send Logan and Alyona to school in the fall
  • Alex requested to be homeschooled again
  • Stupid boys just brought in a pile of lightening bugs & now all over my ceiling
  • Going to a cookout three hours away this weekend 
  • Trying to plan our big summer vacation stuff
  • Campgrounds all reserved for the entire year 
Much more going on but that's some of it.   Slowly but surely, getting things done.  More on Irina's graduation soon.  Need to get the Littles in bed.

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  1. Sounds like a busy week! I hope all goes well with your homestudy so you don't have to worry about it anymore. In regards to Alaska, do you think it could be allergies? I know you can give dogs Benedryl, my friend's dog has to take it everyday. Good luck!