Friday, June 7, 2013

Life changes

Sometimes in life, you're thrown a curve ball.  This year, we were thrown two.  So, we go with the flow as usual around here and adjust.  This year has already brought many changes in family dynamics.  It has also brought a lot of other changes.  Due to family size change, we had to get a new van.  It was either that or leave two kids at home all the time.  Wasn't what we were expecting but we went with it.  We are in the process of getting another RV.  Well, selling this one and getting a travel trailer instead.  That's fine.  Needed something that could fit everyone better and though C-MOW has served us well, we knew it too had to go.  Another change taking place around here is much bigger.  Especially, when you have orphanage kids.  Though we've talked about moving on and off for years, it has become abundantly clear in the last few weeks that we can not stay.  It is no longer a question of we WANT to move, it is a question of we HAVE to move.  Big difference.   Systems here are overloaded for a family of 14.  A somewhat normal sized family moving here would have no issues whatsoever.  Right now, just know there are too many.  This house was originally designed as 1900 sq. ft.  We have remodelled.  Quite a bit. 

This past weekend we found the perfect home for us.  7000 sq. ft, old Victorian and just gorgeous.  You could picture yourself in it.  Nothing to be changed for us except some paint and a few fixtures maybe.  All other details would have stayed.  Wood working was beautiful.  Now, landscaping needed a lot of work.  Not kidding ourselves there.  Long, long time.  But, we could have done it.  30 acres.  Ideal situation for us.  School a mile down the road.  Place for Warren to have an office all alone and not be disturbed.  I mean, it was perfect.  We went despite knowing it'd be a long shot.  Price was right.  However, there is no way Warren's work will let him telecommute even 3 days a week.  We needed that to happen in order to even take on this home.  Not possible.  And, well, have to keep a job.  Disappointment is an understatement. 

But, we press on.  We are on the hunt.  Ideal for us would be to build our own home.  Warren has been researching companies to do so.  Found one.  We want around 6000 sq. ft.  Our kids are getting older and as some of you are aware, a few will not be able to live independently.  We are looking for at least 20 acres (minimum ) to build on.  We must be within an hour's commuting distance to Cary.  (exit 287 for you locals).  This leaves us a lot of options at the moment.  Wanted to throw it out there in case someone knows somebody selling.  Really looking toward Chatham county.  But are very open to anything right now.  Those who are interested, we are looking for land to build on.  Lot would need to perk.  At least 20 acres, preferably more.  We're open to a home that we could add onto if we find the right one.  However, building our own would mean we can size systems to the load we have.  And, since we always seem to have guests stopping in as well, allow us that option too.  Keep your eyes peeled if you hear of anything.  We currently are not working with a realtor and at the moment, would rather not.  We've done & bought FSBO in the past and are comfortable with that.  Since we predict a loss in all this selling, we need to save as much as we can so hence, no realtor. 

I know this will be huge for everyone.  We never intended to move when we first moved here.  We moved here with just Max and Irina if that tells you anything.  It will be sad to see the house go but I think the kids will do really well to a new surrounding.  After we are done w/ our big summer vacation coming up, we will list the house.  We have been purging all week and slowly working room by room.  I found quite a few things already that I had forgotten we had.  Like a king sized comforter.  Seriously, how can you misplace that?   The clutter has to go. The things we don't use must go.  I've been selling on Craigslist too.  Part of that is really to raise gas money for our upcoming trip.  But a bigger part is to give the illusion that 14 people don't take up that much space when showing a home.  So, it is a lot to take on but people move all the time. We know having kids w/ certain dx's makes it a bit harder.  We also know, we can do this.  Max took six months to adjust to this home when we moved in.  He's older and could care less if we move now.  But, the others, they are still young, still very attached as this being their one and only home after the orphanage.  It's a big change.  I may need to borrow some prescriptions the day we move.  LOL.   Just kidding folks.  So, that is one of our big life changes.  Keep you all posted once we are closer to listing. 

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