Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jordan Lake

On Sunday, we got up and went off again.  Little Ones were not to thrilled about going again somewhere and older ones were cranky and tired from the previous day's events.   But, we all sucked it up to go b/c we knew in the end, we'd have a great time.  And we were right. 

Crossing over Jordan Lake.  In the distance, that sandy area is where we were going.

Entrance let us know we were at the right place though we had no idea where we were going once there.  No reservations had been made but tables were being saved early on.  We just had to find them. 

Found them, settled in, and started putting sunscreen on for this sunny day.  Nik is putting some on too.  However, I failed to realize he would take his shirt off later.  Yep, he was a lobster.  See, last year we had the special shirts.  They outgrew them and I totally forgot he would take this shirt off in the water.  

Alex and Logan owed us 'time' for behavior.  What better way to use it than to blow up a giant beach ball.  Nik was wondering why it was taking so long.

Summer posing for me.  

Nik and Summer.  See, they do get along.  LOL.  Not all the time. They are brother and sister you know.  I have a really, really cute one w/ the Littles too.

The food was AWESOME!  Definitely getting some recipes.  Not kidding.  Really enjoyed them.  We all brought our own meat and then a dish to share.  Worked out well for sure.  

Alyona waiting to go in while Reni helps put flip flops back on Little One.

Logan and Max.  Logan was truly taunting and teasing Max about going in the water.  Since Max has had his surgery, he knows Max can not fight back and has made his life miserable.  Yes, he's been punished for it but I have a feeling once Max's arm is completely healed, Logan may not be the same.  Big brothers will set you in your place.  Max and another gentleman there both had either surgery or broken bones.  They actually hit it off and were able to pass the time w/ quite a bit of talking about tons of stuff.  Hey, we were there for hours.  And no, he's not supposed to have that sling off.

The two graduates we were celebrating.  Sasha and Irina.  Both from Russia.  Both have accomplished so much and are turning into productive young adults. 

More pics to come.  Need to get some errands done.

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