Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jordan Lake-- part 2

After some cake, it was definitely time for some water fun! 

I do believe Reni is enjoying herself.

After getting taunted by Logan for so long, Max decided to reluctantly take a dip.  Not much longer and that sling can come off.

Yana taking Summer out a bit deeper and Summer loving every minute of it.

Nik enjoying his time in the water.  Can't believe we swam in that.  No blue to be seen.

So beautiful, had to show her twice!

Alyona.  Not so sure about the face she's making.

Alex, thoroughly enjoying himself.  Logan and him were playing soccer w/ some other people they met.  No, not one shy one in the bunch!

And someone gave Nik a water gun.  Heaven for little boys.

She wanted to eat watermelon but I think the bathroom won out.  LOL.  Potty dance anyone?  

We all had such a wonderful time, our local group has decided to meet again in July!  Same place.  It truly was awesome.  Kids all did fantastic and the Littles will definitely be fine for summer time fun.  Fish like the rest of mine.  Just was a nice way to spend the weekend.  Great food, great company, great weather, can't beat it.

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