Monday, June 3, 2013

Jealous of sisters' toys???

Lately, the girls are truly into Barbies.  I mean as in taking them everywhere. Only trouble is, we have very, very few Barbies.  Sharing is a must.  Not only that, somehow, all our Barbies have lost all their clothes.  They did indeed have clothes but now, nothing.  Still, the girls love them.  They do.  And, apparently, so does their brother Nik. 

Younger sisters were napping so perfect time to steal their Barbies.  Not a shirt in sight.  LOL.  

Honestly, not even sure what to think of this contraption Nik built for Barbie.  The older teens have gotten quite a few laughs.  Thankfully, Nik's mind is not in the gutter at his age.  To him, swinging naked Barbie is just plain fun.  LOL.  Today, he tied Barbie up to a hook in between the dining room and living room.  There she swung, naked, legs spread completely apart.  Poor, poor Barbie.  Hopefully, this phase will pass quickly.  His sisters hope for the same thing as they want their Barbies back.  Need to go to yardsales.  Anyone find super cheap Barbies, let me know.  Clothes are indeed optional at this point.  They never wear them anyhow.  

Well, need to go get Nik that candy bar.  And yes, I do realize it's 9pm at night.  Oh well.  Telling his speech therapist no more promises.  Nik lives by a clock.  Very, very upsetting if you tell him something and plans have to change.  He does not do well w/ change.  We're working on it.  But between autism and FAS, it's tough.  Anyhow, another dog gone lightening bug just flew by me.  in case you all didn't make it through the entire last post, Nik and Logan came in and released a pile of lightening bugs.  They've invaded and I'm tired of seeing them light up inside.  This is as bad as last year when they wanted a night light.  They scooped them up and put 30 some in a jar and put it on their dresser.  Nice,huh?  Boys.


  1. Kids exchange but not until the end of July.

  2. Draw some "clothes" on the Barbies with Sharpies. Never naked again.