Monday, June 3, 2013

I have sweet friends

It's a fact.  Many times over I have been astounding by the outpouring of support for our family and my kids.  When Max had surgery, it was no exception.  A dear friend in GA sent Max a care package.  Really, a do not be bored package. 

A package is delivered and curiosity is peaked.

Ooh, what's inside this treasure trove?

They all started to peak at what was inside and grab a few books.

Even Yana came out to see what all was happening.  Summer just wanted the bubble wrap stuff that you can pop.

SO very cool inside.  It was a bunch of books and some drawing books as well.  Max dove right into them and was truly fascinated.  Some of these were college books which are what he needs in regards to drawing.  Let him expand his mind. 

I htink Logan and Bojan were just as excited as Max was.

Now Reni is curious.   Her reading level truly has gone up.  She is just jamming when it comes to school.  Very proud of her progress.  Max really enjoyed this box of goodies as did I.  He definitely needed something to keep him occupied.  Hard for him to do nothing.  Thank you Dee for making time pass a little quicker for Max. 


  1. So glad Max likes the books, and Bojan! Happy to help in any way I can.

  2. Did you get the e-mail news that Cravebox is going out of business? My kid loved going through those packages as well.