Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blessings from afar

Growing up a military brat, you learn to be flexible, to let go of friends, to change with the seasons, and so much more.  I was fortunate enough to go to a wonderful high school in Germany on an American base.  Our graduating high school class was  I think around a hundred.  At the beginning of the semester, it was 60.  Yet, new people were welcomed all the time as it was just a way of life.  Some friends though you meet, you can't forget.  I will say I had some of the best friends in high school.  We were all a pretty tight knit group.  We had to be.  I treasure the friends I made there and the ones I still have.  EVen if far away.  Imagine keeping in touch all these years through all the moves.  One of my friends lives in Alaska now.  The other day, a box arrived for all of us.

Summer is holding up a well hanging we received that has family rules on it.  The kids were questioning the sharing part.  

Nik has worn his shirt a quite a few times since he's gotten it.  It quickly became one of his favorites.  Nik tends to pick just a few items to wear despite having other clothing.  Well, this was added to one of his items.  

Alex, pretending like he's a teenager now.  I think he has the face down pat.  LOL.

Reni getting ready to try on her new shirt.

Alyona was more than happy to model her new shirt.

Summer was so excited with her dress, she didn't want to take it off....for 2 days!  

This was right after surgery and someone bumped his shoulder.  And yes, he was supposed to not take the sling off.  Listens well.  Surgeon yelled at him yesterday too for trying to lift stuff too early. 

Despite the face, he did enjoy his hat.

Thought it was so sweet of my friend to send all the kids something from Alaska.  Nice and useful too.  It's also nice to have friends throughout the years and the moves.  One day, hoping ot meet up again when they eventually land on the east coast.  Thank you so much Kelly for thinking of us all. 

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