Sunday, June 9, 2013

A day at the park

On Saturday, we drove a little over two and a half hours to a park in Salisbury, NC.  Awesome, awesome park if any of you live near Charlotte area.  Well worth going.  Probably the best park we've been to.  Anyhow, we were there to meet with some friends of Warren's.  Had not seen them in a few years and since a few were actually moving out of state, nice to play catch up and to wish them well. Such awesome folks and just pleasant to be around.  And, don't mind my kids asking a thousand questions or using them as a personal jungle gym. LOL.  After chatting for awhile, we decided to walk to a different part and take the kids to a playground and splash park. 

Max was the grill meister for us and did a great job.  It was hot dogs this day for lunch.  Simple.  Then we all brought dishes to share as well.  

Summer hanging around on the playground.  Funny story.  Well, not so funny.  House guest climbed to the top of the playground to the slide.  She refused to go down.  Too scared.  So, I told Summer to go up and bring her sister down.  Summer went up but came down by herself.  Not a whole lot of help.  Bojan ended up doing the retrieval but he barely fit up there himself.  He told me his back hurts from bending down to get her.  

Reni and Irina stopping to pose while they were on the playground. 

 Everyone deciding if they truly want to get wet or not. 

Alyona didn't want to get wet but enjoyed capturing a lady bug.

Picture below got stuck together.  Top one is of Nik letting water squirt up his shirt. He thought that was cool.

Summer was trying so hard to catch water from the fountain.  She'd stand on the rocks, mouth wide opened. 

Yana and Alex recovering from being soaked.  They weren't planning on it but being that it was so hot out, many adults were in that splash park too.  This picture though captures just how much Alex has grown in  the last year.  He's almost as tall as Yana.

Reni after the water park.  She's growing up fast.

Yana enjoying a pleasant day out. 

This child could love off corn.  Alex absolutely loves corn.  I mean loves it.  Eats a couple ears at a time.  So roasted corn on the grill for him was a huge hit!  Anyone has extra corn this summer, send it our way.

Some of the girls goofing off before we went home.

Nik, gladly sampled the chocolate one of the guys brought.  He'd eat a grasshopper if covered in chocolate.

Irina and Reni sharing some good times.  These two are really close.

We all had a wonderful time.  We were tired and ready to go home.  Long drive home.  But, had to get home to get ready to go to the lake the next day.  Kids did fairly well there so was proud of them.  Littles were totally wiped out and slept the whole way home.  Wahoo!!!  One of them discovered Coke.  She was going around and drinking every can she'd find.  Each time we'd turn around, we'd catch her with another can.  See, our house we pretty much have water and milk. Some times tea.  We do soda on special occasions.  This was one of them.  One can each.  Just thought it was funny.  I can see her in the future as being a coffee drinker.  She's not our sweet tooth kiddo but boy, I'm thinking soda is her "luxury."  Some of my kids it's chocolate and some of them it's chips (salty).  For her, I do believe it's soda.  Thank goodness we don't get it that often.  I'd have an addict.  LOL.  And don't worry, she really didn't drink a pile of them.  More to come about our weekend away.  We spent most the time away.

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